Is Chris Paul the most undervalued player of All-Time?


Chris Paul is arguably one of the best players and point guards to ever play in the NBA, so why is he so low on people’s All-Time PG and All-Time greats list? In 2018 The Big League had CP3 as the 14th best PG of All-Time, has him at 13. Slam online had the 9-time All-Star as the 35th best player of All-Time. Many people might agree with these lists due to Paul’s lack of playoff success and zero NBA championships under his belt.

However, numbers don’t lie, Paul Averages 9.8 APG over his career which is more than Tiny Archibald, Walt Frazier, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Gary Payton all of which are ranked higher than him on these respective lists. He also averages 18.7 PPG over his career which is more than 3 of the players on this list and the other two only average .1 and .2 more PPG in Tiny Archibald and Walt Frazier than he does. Yes, all of these great players have at least one ring except Nash, but to his defense he is a two-time MVP. CP3 needs a ring but he has never had a team good enough to compete for a ring until this season when he joined James Harden and the Houston Rockets. In New Orleans, he had to carry the Hornets along with David West, but they could never beat Kobe and the Lakers. In 2011-2012 when he was traded to the Clippers him along with Blake Griffin seemed to always get hurt around playoff time and therefore the team never lived up to its full potential.

Looking at Chris Paul 13-exceptional year career he is a 9-time All-Star, 4-time Assist champ, 6-time steals champ, was selected to an All-NBA team 8 times and was selected to an All-defensive team 9 times. Not to mention he has the 6th highest player efficiency rating of All-Time at 25.64 which is higher than any PG to ever play in the NBA. The Point God also has the best offensive rating of All-Time at 122.89 along with the 3rd best box plus/minus of All-Time just behind LeBron James and Michael Jordan with 7.54. As NBA fans, we have undervalued and to a certain extent taken CP3 for granted, there is no doubt in my mind that he is a top 5 PG of All-Time and it is about time we put some more respect on his name before it’s too late. Chris Paul is looking to take down the mighty Warriors in the Western conference finals, if he does so he could perhaps win his first NBA championship and move up the ranks as one of the greatest players of All-Time.



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