Shimmy the Sham

Shimmy the Sham Texas Tech has a strategic plan they would like their athletes and faculty members to follow:  win, do the right thing, and strive for excellence. Well, women’s basketball coach Shimmy Gray-Miller has done none of these things prior to coming to Texas Tech, nor has she accomplished them since she has been... Continue Reading →


The Process of Selecting Tournament Teams

The Process of Selecting Tournament Teams In just 6 days, the National College Basketball tournament will start. Before any teams book their flights and start giving out student section tickets, they have to participate in their particular conference tournament. There will be thirty-two winners from each conference that will receive an automatic bid into the... Continue Reading →

Chennedy Carter: Miss One and Done

Chennedy Carter: Miss One and Done   As we all know in men’s college basketball freshmen can leave college early if they so choose and play basketball professionally. For instance, in last year’s draft 10 of the first 11 picks were freshmen. Going one and done is a big deal, it usually means you are... Continue Reading →

The Era of the Mediocre Shooting Guard

The Era of the Mediocre Shooting Guard What happened to the shooting guard position over the last 3-5 seasons? The shooting guard position has changed drastically over the years due to the rapid development of the point guards and small forward’s offensive production. In the 80s and early 90s the point guards main responsibility was... Continue Reading →

Another Man of Steel: Bam Adebayo

Another Man of Steel: Bam Adebayo Dwight Howard in his prime was the most dominant big man in the league, bringing in 3 Defensive MVP’s, 5 All-NBA first team selections, and 8 All-Star selections. In this year’s upcoming draft there is a draftee that has similar qualities and that has the potential to be just... Continue Reading →

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